Jeff M.

The trip was powerful. It was great to see all the students stepping up into ministry opportunities throughout the week. As a volunteer leader with the youth group I have known these students for some time that went on the mission trip. That said, to see the students activated in boldness into the gifts and calling on their lives ....amazing!

Sophie W.

This trip to Mexico was so impactful. From healings to salvations the presence was there. I experienced God’s love in a whole new way at our last Chapel meeting.
I fell out on the floor crying and laughing. He gave me fresh revelations of his love and gave me a peek into Heaven.

Ryan G.

This was my first mission trip and I can say from the deepest part of my heart that I am hooked. My heart for mission work has been stirred and the way we experienced Christ was right out of the book of Acts. Miracles, signs, and wonders were everywhere we went, but that wasn’t the best part. Sharing the love of Christ with people through those experiences was the main point. There were so many more experiences of healing, food multiplying, and deep heartfelt stories but seeing the love of Jesus in everything we did was the best!

Rachel K.

When I first heard about going on a mission trip to Mexico, I was sure that I wanted to go. Though, as the time drew nearer to leave, I became more nervous and had many doubts. I thought maybe God wouldn't use me for anything, but I was wrong. The mission trip was so much fun, and God used me in ways I had never seen before. I saw the sick healed, children giving their lives to Jesus. My trust in God was challenged but in the end, it grew stronger. Now, looking back, I am so glad my doubts didn't stop me from joining this mission trip.

Tim S.

I was blessed to bring 12 students from our youth ministry in Austin, TX to Saltillo, Mexico with David Colwell and CCI. My favorite part of the trip was that I saw 12 teens from the United States step out in boldness and courage to preach, teach, minster, lead worship and more. We are living in a day where the term Christian is no longer attached to conviction, boldness and truth, but in these 12 a spark was lit to burn bright in the darkness. I’m so grateful for the opportunity CCI offered us to travel with them into the nations and see members of the next generation take the kingdom baton to run into the future.

Naomi S.

Our trip with CCI was such a delight. It was well-planned, the team dynamic was one of the best I’ve experienced, and the schedule was balanced. So often a missions trip can be filled to the point of exhaustion. This trip was full but not overwhelming. It was also amazing the variety of ministry that was done on the trip. I cannot recommend CCI enough and look forward to ministering with them in the future!

Jody D.

This trip was nothing short of AMAZING and I was blessed to have been part of it! From the building of new relationships and bonding between the team members as we became family, to sharing the good news of Jesus' love and pure joy with others everywhere we went, to the growth as each of us stepped out of our comfort zones and crossed chicken lines in a foreign country, to the miracles/signs/wonders at each and every location we visited, to the personal connections and intimate moments during quiet time with was all life changing for me!!

Eden K.

This trip was more than I could have imagined! In just one week, I witnessed more miracles than I ever had in my entire life. Everyone from young children to grandparents were on fire for the Lord, and willing to partake in His blessings. In return, there were many healings and encounters from the Holy Spirit. Seeing how obedient the leaders of the churches were, and how ready they were to sacrifice everything for God if He asked to, opened my eyes and strengthened my own obedience. It was just so beautiful to see the people of Mexico partner with the Father and receive His love and joy!

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